Magnetic Reflectors Blue

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    • 沖縄

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ラージサイズリフレクター x8
スモールサイズリフレクター x4



Attach the reflectors to your steel bike frame to be more visible in the dark. Use several reflectors for extra safety and a playful look.

Magnetic Reflectors are a fun and colorful way of making your bike stand out from the crowd, whilst also increasing safety. They are easily attached to anything made of steel and sit securely during bumpy rides. Being removable and reusable means you can attach them to another bike or another steel surface.

The reflectors come in two sizes so they can be used on different tube diameters or fenders.


1. Warming and shaping your reflectors
Squeeze and roll the reflector between your fingers for 5 seconds to achieve a curved shape that fits to the frame. This step is very important since warming up the reflector helps achieve the curved shape needed to affix the reflector securely on your frame. Make sure that the reflector imitates the surface of the frame so that the entire reflector is attached to the frame.

2. Fitting your reflectors
Mount your reflector on the frame. The reflectors can become stiff in freezing temperatures causing them to not attach properly. The magnetic reflectors only work on frames made of steel.

8 large reflectors
4 small reflectors